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  • I have never done anything like it. Can I practice Krav Maga?
    Of course! There is always a first time for everything, and Krav Maga is a discipline designed to learn how to defend yourself in a simple, fast and effective way.No previous knowledge is absolutely necessary to practice it. You will learn to defend yourself if you feel like it. Of course, the greater your skills the better, as in everything. But we can all learn, whether it takes a little more or a little less time.Book a trial class with us now and find out! ➡️
  • I'm not in shape. Should I play sports before doing Krav Maga?
    It is not necessary, since you will be getting in shape during our classes.The technique is interspersed with cardio, explosiveness and resistance exercises, and many specific to the practice and needs of Krav Maga. Therefore, as we learn, we will acquire more physical capacity. ​ If you are in very poor shape, it will cost you a lot of effort at first, and you must go at your own pace so as not to demand more from your body at first than what it can give at that moment. But the idea is to improve and develop your cardio as you train, and go demanding a little more of yourself.Of course, you should bear in mind that it is necessary to have a sporty attitude. It doesn't matter if you don't have much stamina, but it does matter that you try, because that's what will lead you to improve.Book a trial class with us now and find out! ➡️
  • I have an injury. Can I do Krav Maga?
    Depends on the injury.It is best to consult your specialist doctor if you can practice contact sports, and if so, what movements you cannot do or should do with care. - According to that, if your limitation is not very great, we encourage you to try it, taking special care with the movements that are risky for you, and see how you feel with practice.And if there are things you can't do, just don't do them. Each student is aware of his injury and should not force his well-being, stopping or avoiding an exercise if it affects his injury. Here we come to enjoy and at no time should you compromise your health.- If your injury limits many movements, on the one hand it would be necessary to see if it is worth practicing Krav Maga because there are many things that you cannot do; and on the other, see if your partner is going to be able to work normally, since most exercises are done in pairs.Each case is different and must be valued well. But keep in mind that, after all, Krav Maga is a contact sport, and you will not be able to practice it properly if you have very limited contact with your partners, or this limitation is an impediment for your partner to practice it.- If your situation is of special risk, for example you have a high risk of heart attack, serious spinal injuries, diseases that affect the nervous system... We do not recommend practicing this sport. Check with your doctor what kind of sports are recommended to improve your health without endangering it.
  • I have practiced krav maga (not FEKM) or other self defense system. Is my level validated? Do I have to start from scratch?
    We are very sorry, but we do not validate belts or diplomas, and yes, you would have to start from scratch. Our technical program, criteria, techniques and way of working are different from those of other groups. And therefore the levels, knowledge or content cannot be equated.
  • I have practiced another martial art or contact sport. Do I have to start from scratch? Will my knowledge be useful to me?
    Yes, you will have to start from scratch. Krav Maga has its own techniques and principles, and you will not be able to advance without having all the necessary knowledge.That yes, of course that if you have practiced contact sports or martial arts (for a long time), surely much of your knowledge will be useful to you, since in a Krav Maga combat we use all kinds of blows and techniques, so there is nothing "wrong", as long as it is useful and effective.For example, if you have done boxing, the punches; muay thai, the foot fist; bjj, the floor; fight, hand-to-hand combat; taekwondo, kicks...But beware! A Krav Maga fight is not the same as the one we practice in any other discipline, since we simulate a real aggression, and therefore there are no prohibited blows or techniques.We have to take into account some risks that other contact sports or martial arts do not. Therefore, even if your knowledge works for you, you will have to be flexible enough to adapt it to Krav.If we are talking about self-defense knowledge, then it is not compatible (see previous question).Book a trial class with us now! >>
  • I am over 40 years old. Can I practice Krav Maga?
    Of course! If it is the age of our teacher and the age of many of our students!You're very young, but the problem is that you don't know what you're capable of, lol. Come to Kairos and you will see it ;) Book a trial class with us now! >>
  • I am close to or more than 50 years old. Can I practice Krav Maga?
    Age is not a problem! As long as you're fit and can do all the exercises we do in class, there's no problem. Of course, you must bear in mind that our classes require the performance of physical effort.If due to your age, injuries or physical condition you cannot: jump, hit, receive impacts on the joints, rotate some joints, make efforts... better think about another sport. This is because, if we cannot do certain things, we will affect our partner's practice by preventing him or her from doing them. After all, remember that Krav Maga is a contact sport. It is not only personal defense, combat is also worked on. We come to Kairos to learn to defend ourselves, and, whether it takes more or less, the important thing is to improve a little more every day and be more prepared than we were before starting. With which each one starts from their level and that is not a problem.But it is necessary at least to be able to do the whole class so as not to hinder the practice of others. Book a trial lesson with us!
  • I am close to or over 60 years old. Can I practice Krav Maga?
    Yes, there is no age limit to start. However, we must bear in mind that our classes require physical effort, so if you are close to 60 years old or older, it is necessary to have good physical capacity for your age. This is because, if we cannot do certain things, we will affect our partner's practice by preventing him or her from doing them.If due to your age, injuries or physical condition you cannot: jump, hit, receive impacts on the joints, rotate some joints, make efforts... better think about another sport.After all, remember that Krav Maga is a contact sport. It is not only self-defense, combat is also worked on, and in our classes we do physical exercises that can pose a problem for your body, such as hitting paos or shields, which is at full power. It's not that you can't hit, but that you can't hold the paos to your partner, because you will prevent their practice. You should also keep in mind that at this age it is more likely to have previous injuries or difficulties that may affect your practice and show up later, and that it is easier to injure yourself. With which we will ask you to speak with your doctor before coming so that he can tell you if it is suitable for you. We come to Kairos to learn to defend ourselves, and, whether it takes more or less, the important thing is to improve a little more every day and be more prepared than we were before starting. With which each one starts from their level and that is not a problem. But it is necessary at least to be able to do the whole class so as not to hinder the practice of others.
  • I don't like to do sports or make efforts, can I learn Krav Maga?
    Our opinion is no. And in our school it is not possible, since in our classes we dedicate a part to the work of the physicist. Why? It is impossible to be effective in defending yourself without having a minimum of physical form. Even if it's just to run away it's already necessary. You have to learn to hit well and with all the power you can to increase the chances that your shots will be useful. Strength is not the most determining element in Krav Maga, but we will always want to develop it as much as possible to try to minimize as much as we can the difference with our aggressor. But above all it is a matter of attitude. It is essential to learn to respond by putting intention and attitude in what you do, with your mind and your body.In training it is necessary to make him want to improve himself and make an effort to learn and improve.The idea is to do your best to increase your chances of being effective. And if you're a person who doesn't want to put in the effort, this won't happen. Therefore, if this is your case, our school is not for you.
  • Do you have to practice another discipline as a complement to Krav Maga?
    No. Krav Maga is a very complete discipline, and it is not necessary to practice anything else to become effective both in self-defense and in combat. Even so, if there is any discipline that you like and in which you want to deepen, the most compatible with Krav Maga because they have points in common is: wrestling, bjj/grappling, boxing, muay thai, kickboxing and taekwondo.Book a trial class with us now! >>
  • What is Krav Maga?
    Krav Maga is a discipline composed of self-defense and hand-to-hand combat, whose objective is effective self-defense. It is direct, and it is designed so that from the beginning you learn useful techniques to get out of a situation from uncomfortable to dangerous. ​ Krav Maga prepares you to respond to any aggression, and therefore we learn to defend ourselves against any type of blow and realistic attack. As Krav Maga must be adapted to a real scenario, in our discipline there are no prohibited blows or techniques. ​ As we have mentioned, Krav Maga is made up of two equally important parts: ​ Self defense: is the set of techniques aimed at reacting effectively to an unexpected aggression, until we are out of danger or in a better position for defense. Self-defense techniques are typical of our discipline. Combat: is the exchange of attacks and defenses between two opponents. We enter combat after repelling an unexpected first attack, and when it is not possible for us to flee, until we neutralize the opponent and can do so. In our combat, any blow or technique that is effective is valid, so, on the one hand, we use combat techniques that we can find in different disciplines and martial arts, and on the other, we use techniques aimed at the most vulnerable areas of the aggressor. The latter can be called anti-sports (since they are not allowed in any regulated sport), but this is because the purpose of our discipline is not to obtain victory in a sporting combat, but to get out of a real confrontation alive, making use of of any means available. In any competitive match, opponents of the same gender and weight range face each other, and both abide by certain rules. In a real aggression, the victim does not generally have the same physical conditions as the aggressor, and said aggressor is not going to respect any rule, so the "less sporting" blows are the ones that can make the difference between success and failure. failure.Book a free trial class now and discover this fascinating discipline with us! ➡️
  • Is Krav Maga violent or aggressive?
    Yes, Krav Maga is aggressive, because it is made to respond to an aggressive situation and must be able to overcome it. However, practitioners are not. The goal is to be able to control our aggressiveness and know when it is necessary to be aggressive and when not. In class it is not necessary, since we work with the classmate and in a learning situation where we must always respect him 😉Book a free trial class now and discover this fascinating discipline with us! ➡️
  • In how much time of Krav Maga practice will I learn to defend myself?
    From the first class! No one can know for sure if they will come out of an attack successfully, no matter how much they have trained, since there are thousands of factors that cannot be controlled. What we can do is increase our chances of success. From the moment you start training, you improve, and therefore, you are increasing these possibilities. Even if it is little, it is already something, and that something can make a difference. Of course, the more you train and work, the more likely you are to repel a real assault; and as you progress, you will expand the range of situations and aggressions against which you will be able to react effectively.Book a free trial class now and start this adventure! ➡️
  • Is Krav Maga difficult?
    Krav Maga is simple, but not easy.You have to keep in mind that it is tremendously diverse because it must prepare you for a large number of different adversities and consider all kinds of risks, attacks and situations. That is why the Krav Maga program is much more vast than any other.On the other hand, as its objective is that you successfully come out of situations in which your physical integrity and even your life may be in danger, we seek that the efficiency of the practitioner be the maximum possible, and that the techniques are carried out as well as possible. That is why it is better to practice in a school that is rigorous in its learning, than in one that guarantees and promises belts and progress regardless of the performance of each student. Each student has their skills and attitude, and that translates into their learning pace. If you see something else, be suspicious.Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga in a realistic and technical way! ➡️
  • Does Krav Maga have belts? How do they work and how do you get the belts in Krav Maga?
    Krav Maga creator Imi Lichtenfeld borrowed the belt system from classical martial arts.All the Krav Maga techniques that we learn at FEKM are organized by this system of belts, and in this way we guarantee a progressive and logical learning. At the beginning of the practice you start as a white belt, as always, although in Kairos we do not wear this belt physically (the white belt does not symbolize anything, but in classical martial arts it is worn because it is necessary to hold clothing). The white belt practitioners, therefore, will wear the uniform without a belt. All practitioners work the belt program after their own, so you'll start by learning the yellow belt program directly. When you sign up, you will have access to the technical program and you will see everything you are going to learn in yellow.To know a belt program completely, it is necessary to attend classes for at least one season (Sept - June), and come two classes a week (classes from Monday to Thursday). Once you have practiced this time at least, and if you know the techniques well and they work out for you, you can take the yellow belt exam. The program is very extensive and in Kairos we are quite demanding, so it is not easy to pass the exams. We require that students know and execute the techniques correctly and without errors in order to pass the exam. In the exam students must demonstrate all the techniques of the belt program. Once you pass an exam, you will continue to the next belt program, and so on. However, it is not mandatory to take the exams or get the belts to progress in your Krav Maga learning if you don't want to.Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga at the reference school in Madrid! ➡️
  • Is there any point in getting Krav Maga belts?
    No, absolutely not at all. The program organized by belts is useful for the discipline, but for the practitioner, obtaining a belt in itself does not contribute anything. If you rush us, it should only bring satisfaction after the effort it has cost you to achieve it. And, after time and with due knowledge, become a teacher. The belt does not make you better than you were, nor better than others, nor does it guarantee that you will defend yourself in a real situation, nor is it more important than learning how to do the techniques well. A belt is just a symbol of your progress. As we say, on the street your seatbelt isn't going to save your ass, you're going to have to do it yourself.What do you prefer, to have a belt without knowing how to defend yourself effectively, or to defend yourself effectively without having any belt or with a low belt?If your case is the former, there are many Krav Maga groups willing to sell you that very expensive belt.If your case is the second, you are one of us. Our belts are very cheap in money, but expensive in effort and dedication. But this is not entirely true… Getting belts very quickly and easily does serve one thing: professional deception.In Spain there are many people who call themselves experts in Krav Maga, martial arts or everything at the same time, and who have titles and belts without hardly having practiced the discipline they supposedly control.Unfortunately it is very easy to get belts and titles with courses of a few hours in our country.Also validate a Krav Maga black belt title from a black belt of other disciplines with a course of a few hours. That is why some of these people have a huge collection of titles that, if they had really trained, they would never have had time to obtain in their lives.For us, the belt is a piece of cloth. What we really value is the knowledge and experience behind it.If you think like us, we invite you to book a trial class and come and meet us! >>
  • In Krav Maga you learn to defend yourself from weapons? When will I learn those things?
    Yes, in Krav Maga FEKM we learn to defend ourselves against knives, pistols, sticks, rifles, bayonets and even grenades. In some cases, attack and threat, and in others threat. The FEKM technical program is organized progressively so that we learn the knowledge in an orderly manner. This progression guarantees the proper acquisition of knowledge, by doing it from lesser to greater difficulty. From the yellow belt you will start with knife defenses, which you will continue to work on in all technical programs.In the blue belt work against the stick is introduced, and in the brown belt against pistol and bayonet.Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga in a realistic and technical way! ➡️
  • Is there combat in Krav Maga? It's essential?
    Yes, combat is done and yes, it is essential. Combat has the same importance as self-defense in our discipline. This is due to the fact that in a real aggression a self-defense situation cannot be separated from a combat one.What will you do if after repelling a first attack, you can't run away? You will have no choice but to engage in combat, which is already an exchange of blows.Or if the aggression consists directly in blows, with no other purpose than that of violence? Self-defense in the strict sense is the rejection of a first unexpected aggression (it can be a loose blow, a strangulation, a grab, a hug, a threat with a weapon... etc.). Anything that happens after that first attack will be combat, because it will no longer be unexpected, and it will allow you to respond as "equal. It can also happen in the opposite direction: that in the middle of a fight the aggressor strangles you, pulls out a weapon or performs any of the aggressions whose defense would already be part of what we call self-defense. That is why in Kairos we do not understand Krav Maga without one of the two parties, and in the face of a real aggression, one of the two parties alone could be insufficient.Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga in a realistic and technical way! ➡️
  • Is there competition in Krav Maga?
    No. Sports competition is not viable in our discipline, because it collides directly with its essence. In our school, Kairos, and our federation, the FEKM, you will never hear anything like it.These are the most important reasons: Krav Maga has no rules, and at the time a competition is organized there must be rules and a referee to supervise the combat. There should also be categories that pit participants against each other by gender and weight range, which makes no sense in Krav Maga. Krav Maga has legitimate defense as its sole objective. The FEKM moral code prevents us from using Krav Maga for any other purpose. Krav Maga, in a competition, would be only 50% of the discipline: a combat, since both participants would be prepared and on notice. Personal defense, which would be that part of the discipline in which we defend ourselves against an unexpected attack, would not be present. And Krav Maga without self defense is not Krav Maga. Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga in a realistic and technical way! ➡️
  • Why are there hard fights in the exams starting with the orange belt? What does it consist of?
    Hard combat is a combat with protections but without limiting the force used in the blows, that is, each practitioner goes at full power.Of course, there are some rules to guarantee the safety of the participants. In the FEKM-RD (European Federation of Krav Maga - Richard Douieb), hard combat is mandatory to pass each of the exams, starting with the orange belt. It's not a win-or-lose match. It is a test of courage in which there are two results: pass or fail. No matter how well or poorly you do, as long as you face it without running away, chickening out, or giving up, that means you're fit. A Krav Maga practitioner must be prepared to face a real combat situation, and in this way you get used to that situation in a safe environment. It is a way to lose your fear and realize what you are capable of.Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga in a realistic and technical way! ➡️
  • How to be a Krav Maga teacher?
    If you want to be a Krav Maga teacher with us, either at the Kairos school or with the FEKM, you must first train for years.We do not understand this concept of being a teacher of something without having been a student first and without knowing what you want to teach. When you discover something you like, the logical thing is to want to learn it, not to want to teach it. To decide if you want to teach something, it must be based on a large base of knowledge, to which vocation, attitude and aptitude are added. If you already practice Krav FEKM, we tell you: To be a Krav Maga teacher in the FEKM sector Spain, it is necessary to become a FEKM-RD green belt and pass the teacher training FEKM sector Spain To become a green belt, you need years of training (minimum 3), passing the three exams (yellow, orange, and green) and completing two tough fights.Then, the fact of being a green belt does not imply passing teacher training. It is a training in which theoretical and practical contents are requested, the latter both in terms of technique and pedagogy of the classes. As in any other learning discipline, everyone can learn, but not everyone will be able to teach it.
  • What will I learn in my first year of Krav Maga?
    In your first year of training at the Kairos school you will start working on the FEKM yellow belt, whose program you will be able to study when you enroll. Among other things, you will learn: Defenses against a wide variety of attacks suffered on the street Combat in all 3 distances: standing, melee and on the ground To strike with different parts of the body To defend yourself against many types of blows To fall without hurting yourself Controls, keys and chokes First steps against a knife attack How to use everyday objects to defend yourself Principles of prevention for your personal safety To better adapt to stressful situations In addition, you will gain self-confidence, improve your physical and mental health and have a great time!Book a free trial class now and learn Krav Maga in a realistic and technical way! ➡️
  • I work in security forces, is Krav Maga recommended? Are there special classes?
    The Krav Maga FEKM is highly recommended for police, military, civil guards..., for offering a diverse and complete technical program against any type of aggression. Our technical program includes defense against attacks and threats from knives and firearms, and in the most advanced, defense against third parties. You'll also learn how to handle yourself in combat, both standing up and on the ground, which can happen more often than you'd want on the lane. There is no special program for security forces, since everything mentioned is contained in our general program, and all our students learn it equally, although some do it personally and others may use it professionally.Krav Maga had a civil origin, although it passed through the army and was later re-adapted to civilians. In this way, its program has a wide range of applicable techniques in both civil and military, police or security contexts.Book a free trial class and get to know the discipline!
  • Who is it and how has the person who teaches the classes been trained?
    The founder and technical director of Kairos Krav Maga is Alexandre Orozco.Alex is an international expert in Krav Maga, 5th Darga Black Belt, vice-president of the European Krav Maga Federation and its representative in Spain.Alex will not cease to amaze you with his vast knowledge and experience and his incredible streaming ability.Alexandre has been practicing Krav Maga for 26 years and was trained by direct students of the creator of krav, Imi Lichtenfeld. First with Haim Anidzar and later with Richard Douieb, founder of the FEKM.Alex was not trained by taking courses. He trained krav maga intensively for many years, doing it several hours a day, every day. He even left his job shortly after starting training to dedicate himself to it completely.His training in Krav Maga was complemented by his practice of BJJ and MMA, with great references, such as Alexandre Sierra "Minduin" in Madrid and the Schiavo brothers in Avignon.He is without a doubt the most experienced and knowledgeable Krav Maga instructor you can find in Madrid (and in Spain).It is Alexandre who brought the FEKM krav maga to Spain in 2003 and began to train the first instructors in this country, at the request of Richard Douieb.He has been dedicating his life entirely to krav for more than 20 years and since then he has taught thousands of people how to defend himself, has taught tens of thousands of classes and hundreds of national and international seminars >. His curiosity and desire to learn over the years have made Alex a walking encyclopedia, not only of Krav Maga and self-defense but of martial arts and contact sports in general.His vast knowledge, experience and creativity join his great qualities as a teacher to result in the unique learning that you can enjoy in our school. Book a free class with us and meet him in person!➡️
  • How are the classes?
    Great! 😜 The best thing is that you come try one and see for yourself.The Krav Maga classes at Kairos are very dynamic and enjoyable. In them we alternate the calmer parts where we learn and practice Krav Maga techniques with exercises and more physical games to put these techniques into practice or enhance skills.We also do a final part dedicated to increasing power and endurance, which is cardio. It generally consists of short, high-intensity exercises such as calisthenics or hitting on the pads. It goes by fast and it's worth giving it all! Then you feel great 😌If you take a look at our instagram, you can see several collections with the wide variety of things we do in class in the highlights of stories.Self: self-defense techniques / Combat: combat exercises / Games: games and exercises that are interspersed with the techniques / Cardio: final partYou will see that there is an infinity! Our instructor, Alexandre Orozco, is a walking encyclopedia of krav and martial arts, but also of fun games and exercises for the classes. Many of them have been invented by him! The development of the class is very well structured progressively throughout the hour and a half that it lasts. You will do a little of everything, you will learn to defend yourself, you will get in shape, you will improve your physique... And all this in a very pleasant environment with nice people, so we usually have a great time too.You'll see how you don't get bored and they fly by!!But everything we say is nothing compared to coming to try one! And you have one for free, so what are you waiting for to reserve it? ➡️
  • How many people are in the classes?
    Depends on the schedule and the time of year. The number of people fluctuates a lot throughout the year. The strongest months (our high season) are October and November, and also September. And the most requested time is 8:00 p.m. The morning is when there are fewer people. We are a large school and our tatami is huge (230m2), so there are probably more people in our classes than you usually see around. The average would be more or less than 30 people in class, although in some groups and moments it can be 40 and in others 20. You will see that there is a very cool vibe being such a large collective class, for the games, exercises and others the atmosphere is very good and we had a great time.In any case, the places are limited so as not to exceed the students that we can comfortably attend. It is not a problem of space. In our classes we are 2 teachers who go by to correct and guide the students in their practice. Don't worry, we'll be on top to give you quality fixes! The most difficult thing then is for the students to pay attention to us 😜 Book a free trial class and see for yourself! ➡️
  • I am totally beginner. What time can I sign up?
    ​You can sign up for any of the white-only or all-belt schedules (you start out as a white belt, and that's a belt too! ;) Don't worry, you will always work with people of your same level, either at one time or another. And the classes are the same for all groups. You can check the schedules and book a trial class in the one you prefer here. The only difference is that in the whites everyone is white, but in the all belts the students are divided by belt colors to work on the technique that corresponds to them. You will always work the yellow belt technique (the first you are going to learn) with other people who are white, like you. For more information on how belts work and learning Krav Maga, see the question: "Does Krav Maga have belts? How do they work and how do you get belts in Krav Maga?" in the section " ABOUT KRAV MAGA" on this page. Don't think twice, book a trial class at the time that suits you best and come and meet us! Any questions you have left, we discuss it at school 😉
  • What do I need for the free trial class?
    About material, nothing! You only need to bring sportswear, a bottle of water and a spare mask (while it is mandatory). The activity is done barefoot or with special tatami slippers. If you have boxing gloves, contact shin guards or a mouth guard, you can bring them. No prior experience or fitness is necessary, but we do ask for some conditions:1. Our classes require physical effort, so it is necessary that you have a sporty attitude and make an effort. If you are not going to make an effort, you better not book! You will not be able to improve and it will not do you any good to sign up. In addition, you will affect the practice of your partner.2. A minimum physical ability is also required. If due to your age, injuries or condition you cannot: jump, hit, turn some joints, make efforts... better not book! Not only will you not be able to take advantage of the classes, but you will also affect your partner's practice. 3. And finally, you must have a receptive attitude towards learning. If you are one of those people who do not want to do what they are told and prefer to do it in another way or do something else... it is better not to book! We will not be able to guarantee your safety and above all we will not be able to teach you anything.We will not accept the registration of people who do not meet any of these 3 requirements 😉Thank you very much for your understanding! If this is not your case, book now! ➡️
  • Are there Krav Maga classes for children?
    Yes!We have Krav Maga classes for children from 8 years old to 13 at our Kairos Krav Maga school in Madrid.(For children under this age it would not be possible. For older people consult.)To join the children's krav maga classes in Kairos, it is necessary to do so at the beginning of the school year, since it is important that the children continue learning progressively. For this reason, registration opens in September each year and closes in October. After the month of October it is not possible to join as they would not follow the same rhythm as the rest of the children.If registration is open, your children will be able to try a class for free. If they are not yet, you can leave us your email and we will notify you as soon as possible that they come to try!You can consult all the information about children's classes and book here➡️
  • Are Krav Maga classes physically hard?
    Sometimes. The hard thing is cardio and some exercises that are more physical, but intense exercises are usually short and go by quickly. We do a lot of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), as it fits very well with the physical needs of the discipline (maximum explosiveness for a short period of time). The class combines soft and physical work, so that it becomes very bearable. If the physical part is difficult for you, you can go easier at first and gradually increase the intensity as you get used to it and get in shape. There is no goal we have to reach, and it doesn't matter if you can't keep up with everyone else. The important thing is to progress.Now, if you are one of those who do not like to make an effort and you directly do not want and will never want to sweat, our classes are not for you!But if you are willing to make an effort and improve, give it a go!Book a free trial class now and see for yourself! 😉➡️
  • Will I get fit in  Krav Maga classes?
    Of course! In class we burn a lot of calories, and the exercises we do are very diverse, so you will generally tone up your entire body. In addition, you will improve many physical skills necessary to be more effective when defending yourself: explosiveness, power, elasticity, speed, precision, resistance and reaction capacity.But of course, it all depends on the intensity with which you do the exercises. If you always go to 5% you will never improve or get in shape. To improve the maximum you have to give 100%.Of course, if you give it your all, we guarantee that you will notice many changes!Go ahead and start Krav Maga with us! Book a free trial class ➡️
  • Will they hurt me in Krav Maga classes? Are they going to beat me up?
    In Kairos you shouldn't get hurt in class, and you definitely won't get beaten up. In class we must work the techniques gently and slowly at first, which is extremely important when we are learning something new in order to assimilate it properly. We will increase the speed and intensity when we know them and we have precision and control over our blows. Furthermore, out of respect for our colleague, we must always safeguard their integrity. As we always say, our partner leaves us the most valuable thing he has for us to work on: his body!If your partner isn't going easy enough, you can tell them, and if they don't ease up, you can switch partners.The most intense exercises and the full power hits are done on the protections or paos or shields, never on the body of the partner.And if we ever do something different to get used to it, it is always done with limits.At Kairos Krav Maga we are very normal people, of all kinds and of all ages. We like that in our school there is a family and humble atmosphere where we are all willing to have a good time respecting our classmates and coming to learn instead of teaching or rather showing off.Even so, you must keep in mind that it is still a contact sport, with which there will be contact, and that we are in a learning process. We can always miss a blow that did not go as we wanted, especially at the beginning of our practice, or accidents occur. If you are not willing to do this, you better think about another type of activity!Of course, we have very few injuries, and 99% of them are accidents due to poor support, poor positioning, a silly hit in a game... As in any sporting activity.That is why it is important to do the class from start to finish, going through the necessary progression, and not to enter the mat late or do the warm-up at half throttle.Go ahead and start Krav Maga with us! Book a free trial class ➡️
  • If I do only one class a week is it enough?
    A class a week is perfectly compatible with your progress in Krav Maga, although logically, it will be slower. Generally, the training is based on two weekly classes, and the practice times per season for the belts are calculated like this.In any case, as we always say, a class is much better than nothing. The objective is to learn to defend ourselves, in addition to having fun, exercising, disconnecting... You can do all of this and it will continue to serve you, although logically as you will do it less, the benefits will be less. But if you don't have more time, it's much better than doing nothing!Go ahead and start Krav Maga with us! Book a free trial class ➡️ < /p>
  • Is there Krav Maga training online?
    Not yet. At Kairos we are working on this project and we will publish Krav Maga courses online on our platform At the moment, you can buy the online classes that we were doing throughout the confinement, they are designed to train from home instead of face-to-face training, and include all parts of the class so that it is balanced and complete:Preheating Warming Various exercises 2 Krav Maga techniques Exercises to improve Cardio A great option if you want to train from home! Access now from our online platform ➡️
  • Are there other Krav Maga FEKM schools in Madrid or in Spain?
    Yes, the European Federation of Krav Maga - Spain has several schools throughout the country.Here you can check which is your nearest school➡️ you very much!
  • Is Krav Maga suitable for women?
    Of course! In Krav Maga you learn to strike effectively in the most vulnerable areas of the attacker, which maximizes your chances of success in repelling an attack, regardless of your physical characteristics and those of your attacker. Krav gives you many more opportunities to successfully repel an attack than, for example, contact sports and martial arts that have certain rules or prohibited blows, since they are focused on a regulated sports combat, with categories that face opponents by weight and gender. In a real situation you will always be at a disadvantage if you don't have the strength and weight of your attacker and if he uses "dirty blows" and you don't. And we must count on it to do so. In Krav Maga there are qualities that are much more decisive than strength, such as precision, technique, speed or determination. And all of them will improve in class, including strength. And most importantly, you will strengthen your self-confidence and your determination when it comes to responding quickly and without hesitation to an attack (which often alone can be enough). More and more women join our classes and are delighted with them. Do not hesitate!Book a free class now to try and see for yourself!➡️
  • Are there Krav Maga classes exclusively for women?
    Not continuously, but at Kairos we hold a special free class per month just for female students. We also do a specific annual seminar for women open to non-students, which is also beneficial. Access has a modest price with which we help many other women. However, we do not contemplate classes for women only on an ongoing basis. Why is this?In Krav Maga we must get used to working with all kinds of partners, such as people of different height, weight or strength than us. Only in this way will we react with the same security if this situation occurs in a real aggression. Also because that way we can check if the techniques are effective with a person with those conditions. Despite the fact that Krav Maga is effective regardless of the physical characteristics of each one, it is evident that if you weigh less, are shorter or have less power, it is more difficult for you. We cannot change some things about our physique, but what we can do is adapt to live with that difference, identify our strengths and find effective ways to respond, and that is what you learn in Krav Maga.If we never work with male partners, when the vast majority of aggressions suffered by women are perpetrated by men, will we really be preparing ourselves to defend ourselves against aggression effectively?Book a free class now and see how you like it!➡️
  • Do women also have to wear a shell?
    Of course! We explain why 👉🏼Many of you ask us this question, and it is normal to think that I, being a girl, am not going to be the target of this type of blow. However, in class we all have to play the victim, when we work, and the aggressor, when our partner works. And it is when we play the aggressor, attacking the partner so that she does the technique, when we can take blows to the genitals, since we can find them in most Krav defenses. In any case, although it may seem pointless to hit a woman on the genitals, it also hurts a lot and has been seen many times in assaults. And girls are more at risk of bleeding from an accidental blow.Book a free class now and come and discover Krav Maga with us!➡️
  • Are there women in Krav Maga classes?
    More and more! Right now, at Kairos 1/3 of our students are women.It is true that in the classes there are still fewer women than men in general, but we hope that this will change very soon.Every year, the female percentage increases!We have a free monthly class for all the students, in which many of us get together to practice specific techniques. Do not miss it!Book a free class now and come and discover Krav Maga with us!➡️
  • Why are protections mandatory?
    Because they are necessary to be able to simulate a real hitting situation and thus learn properly in a safe environment. If we didn't wear protection, two things could happen: That we always work without touching the partner, so as not to injure ourselves: in this way, we could never learn to hit or defend ourselves at the right distance or in the right way. Working in the air is fine, but you can't learn a contact discipline without ever having contact. That we also work with contact: this would generate constant injuries and we would not be able to learn well, since no matter how strong we are (or how we think we are), we cannot repeat an unlimited number of times a blow that hurts without injuring ourselves . The protections we ask for are minimal: groin protector (protection of the genitals), shin guards (tibia and instep) and boxing gloves. Not wearing a cup is very dangerous (yes, for women too), and if you didn't wear gloves and shin guards you would hurt yourself, but above all your partner would suffer, which is not fair when he or she wears their protections to protect you .At Kairos we learn in an environment of respect and safety.Book a free class now and come and discover Krav Maga with us!➡️
  • What is the affiliation to the FEKM for?
    The affiliation to the FEKM is necessary to be able to practice Krav Maga in any FEKM school in the world. It is mandatory, and once you have it up to date, it will be equally useful for any school (if, for example, you change country or city).It is a membership fee that serves to maintain the work of the people who guarantee the functionality and professionalism of our federation, and work to maintain and spread the best technical program in the world.It also serves to be able to ensure the practice time of each student when guaranteeing quality standards in their progress as Krav Maga FEKM practitioners. All belts require a minimum of practice and for it to be official you must be affiliated.Normally you will have discounts in the seminars in the FEKM schools, and from the federation we are working so that you can enjoy many discounts and benefits in various sectors.In Spain, we are an association dependent on the European Federation of Krav Maga, based in France. Of the federal quota, a part goes to maintain the work of the Spanish sector and another part for the FEKM.The bigger the FEKM is in Spain, the more cool things we will get to do for the benefit of the affiliates!If you want to know more about the FEKM, visit our FEKM Spain page:www.kravmagafekm.comor the FEKM general page:
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    MONTHLY PAYMENT CANCELLATION POLICY: If after paying for the month you cannot come for personal reasons, you must notify us before the end of the first week and we will save the remaining amount for the following month. It will not be returned or saved when expired. If you are injured doing the activity in our school, we will keep the rest of the monthly payment for you when you can join. In case of injury outside or sick, we may request the medical report. In case of automated transfer by mistake, the amount paid will be refunded. STARTING OFFERS CANCELLATION POLICY: The months must be whole and consecutive. The fee can be frozen only for health reasons or in relation to covid (confinement), both justified, for a maximum of 6 months. You cannot request a refund of this amount. IN CASE OF CLOSURE OF THE ACTIVITY OR IMPEDIMENT OF GOING DUE TO ANTI-COVID REGULATIONS: In all cases, the fees paid will be frozen and the time you had covered will be recovered when the activity can be resumed. In the event that you cannot join at that time, you will have a period of 6 more months to make use of that time. This amount can also be exchanged for online classes if you wish. Material and clothing can be exchanged for another size or product if not worn, but cannot be returned. Yes, it will be returned if we do not have the size you need.

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